Sauna & Ice Bath

Sauna & Ice Bath

Saunas and ice baths are two highly effective and popular methods for promoting a sense of relaxation and enhancing overall well-being.

The use of saunas has been shown to offer a range of benefits, such as improved blood circulation, decreased stress levels, and even support for weight loss efforts.

Meanwhile, ice baths can help reduce inflammation, speed up muscle recovery, and provide a boost for the immune system.

While these two methods can be used separately, combining them can offer even greater advantages for your physical and mental health. Whether you choose to use saunas and ice baths individually or together, they can both make a significant positive impact on your overall health and well-being.

So why not consider incorporating these beneficial practices into your regular routine for a truly rejuvenating experience?

Weekly Sauna Unlimited 30 min $40
Single Session 30 min $35
Sauna for 2 30 min $40
Sauna & Ice Bath 1 hr $50

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