Business Mentoring and Coaching Services

Are you a yoga or pilates instructor wanting to start your own business? Do you have a health and wellness business idea? Or perhaps an existing business that’s stuck in a rut? An expert mentor can help you turn your business around, and bring your ideas to fruition.

Suz Phillis began Beachside Pilates & Yoga in 2014, and it has been going strong ever since. Over that time Suz has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is committed to giving back, and helping others achieve their goals.

Image of Suz Phillis business mentor and coach

Suz can help you with your business, no matter what stage you're at.

• Startup generation
• Business ideation
• Scaling and growth
• Hiring and staffing
• Marketing and promotion

• Sales and profitability
• Time management
• Work/life balance
• Managing overwhelm

Mentorship and coaching packages available to suit your requirements

Discuss a
component of
your teaching
or business.


1 month


3 month

Whether you want to make your existing business soar, or turn your passion into profit, get in touch with Suz to discuss how business mentoring can help you.